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 The guys go through a couple things they wish they would have learned sooner... Video From: The Hunting Public

 Goggle Guy shows John some of the WORST ways to shoot from cover, 110% tutelage ensues... Video From: Warrior Poet Society

 Does recoil cause the muzzle to rise while the bullet is still in the barrel, or is the bullet long gone by then? Could a loose grip cause bullets.

 Today we have the distinct opportunity to look at the rarest Military Rifle in the world. The AN-94. Video From: Garand Thumb

 The rise in polymer handguns has led to a new development known as the modular pistol. In the firearms world, modular is the buzz word for adaptable, or modifiable.

 The Glock 19 set the standard for defensive carry for decades. Finally a better solution has been made by Glock and other companies. The days of the big, thick, poor ergonomic carry guns is gone. A new class of firearms is starting to replace the...

 John meets up with Amir Khillah a former Bellator fighter and pretty much screams like a little girl. Video From: Warrior Poet Society

 The SCAR and ACR changed the landscape of small arms design globally. It's rather impressive how allies and enemies alike are borrowing from these two icon rifles. Video From:.

 With the passing of Gaston Glock and the incredible legacy he left John Lovell and training director Paul Perkerson highlight 8 reasons everyone should own a Glock. Video From: Warrior Poet Society
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