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 Goggle Guy shows John some of the WORST ways to shoot from cover, 110% tutelage ensues... Video From: Warrior Poet Society

 Collecting small arms is one of the most rewarding hobbies in the world. Video From: Military Arms Channel

 Picking a modern 308 rifle for defensive use or even hunting can be daunting. We take a look at 3 options you may want to consider. Video From: Military.

 Myles discusses slapping the trigger. Slapping is one of four popular trigger manipulations that can be used to shoot fast and accurately. Video From: Tactical Hyve

 In this video we tackle the life-and-death strategies of combat evasion. Video From: Garand Thumb

 In this video, we dive deep into the world of rifle muzzle devices and how they can improve your performance on the range or in the field. Video From:.

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