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10 Tips for Taking a Girl Fishing(And Keeping Her Happy)

Imagine you’re having a fantastic day on the water, you’ve gotten some great takes, and landed some amazing fish. With the sun beaming down on the tranquil, sparkling water, there’s nothing better. Just pure paradise!

You know that feeling when you’re doing something perfectly, but your spouse or partner begins nagging about the monotony? “This is tedious,” she says. “How long has it been?” “This seat is uncomfortable.” Does this sound familiar to you?

Let’s face it – all of us fisherman have to take our girls along at some time, so why not transform that ‘nag, nag, nag’ girl into a passionate fisherwoman?

Here are 10 great ideas to make your girlfriend or wife happy while fishing, which will eventually cause her to beg you to take her out fishing!

1. Enjoy her company.

When out with mother nature, you may discover something new about your girl.

2. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy on the trip.

Bring a blanket, drinks, and snacks to munch on during your lunch break. Make it more romantic with some sparkling wine and strawberries for the ultimate brownie points!

3. Encourage and Celebrate her!

If she’s trying to fish, make sure you praise her for each accomplishment and tell her how wonderful she is after she catches her first fish.

4. Involve her!

You never know if she might be a natural until you try! If your girl is a novice fisherman, assist her with baiting her hook and casting. Ask for her suggestions or teach her the intricate aspects of this fascinating pastime. Demonstrate how interested and enthusiastic you are about it.

5. Make it Competitive.

Encourage some friendly competition with your girl. Make a fishing contest exciting, and it’ll also be a wonderful opportunity to show off your skills!

6. Make sure she has a lot of backup material on hand.

If she isn’t a fisherwoman, bring her a full kit of things to keep her occupied all day. This includes: iPhone/iPad with full battery (or iPad), books or periodicals, iPod for listening to music, your favorite chair, and food items.

7. Make a deal with her or an open bribe.

Make a bargain if your other half becomes bored or wants to return, but you are having a wonderful time and want to continue. “I’ll buy you a present if we stay for another two hours.”

8. Choose a location with stunning scenery.

If she’s a city girl, offer her a beautiful rural landscape to enjoy. The chances of her being happier in a lovely area of countryside are far greater. Do not force her to traverse through a mosquito-infested marsh.

9. Make plans to go fishing with another couple.

Make it a double fishing trip with your buddy and his girlfriend. It keeps the women occupied, allowing you guys to concentrate on some real fishing!

10. Don’t put her off fishing!

If your spouse or girlfriend is into fishing, take her on a stroll slowly. Don’t inundate her with information if you’re showing her how to fish (it’s dull for her), start with the basics and add more over time. When she becomes interested, she will ask questions.

Take pleasure in your relationship with your lady and make an effort to keep her happy, and you never know when she may be out on the lake with you.

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