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 Today, we're going over the parts used in a DIY not-Ruger lightweight 10/22 build so you can tell us why they're all wrong. Video From: Lucky Gunner Ammo

 I've always wondered if body armor could stop a 50 cal, or how many plates would be required. The more interesting question was could you survive the shot even.

 Today, John trolls Paul, the Training Director for Warrior Poet Society and explains why he is right on all the things they disagree on with regards to pistol grip..

 Today John is joined by WPS lead instructors Paul Perkerson and Josh Griffiths as they weigh the benefits, selection, and special considerations Warpoets should keep in mind concerning "quick react/response rifles." Video From: Warrior Poet Society

 You hear people talking about choosing the "best carry gun" or the "best defensive carry gun" all the time. It seems everyone has their opinion as to what the.

 What do you actually need to set up a dependable, moderately-priced AR-15 for defensive use? Video From: Lucky Gunner Ammo

 We're looking at how blank ammunition works, why it's dangerous, and what part blanks played in three separate gun-related deaths in the entertainment industry. Video From: Lucky Gunner Ammo

 Should we be practicing a combination of sighted fire and point shooting? We can't give you any definitive answers, but we can offer some strong opinions! Video From: Lucky.

 Shooting small things far away with a pistol is hard. Video From: Lucky Gunner Ammo

 Today, we show you how to shoot faster, with Mojo! Video From: Garand Thumb
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